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Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
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Create 3-D Landscapes Of Your Aisles

With the power of Augmented Reality, the Tegla Landscaper provides the ability for anyone to create 3-D maps of aisles. The Tegla Landscaper was built to provide an active communication channel between managers and the field team.

Efficient And Quick Product Identification

The Tegla Landscaper uses image recognition to identify your products. The location and details of the products are identified with the help of our panoramic landscaper software and product marker tool. Through image recognition you can spend less time in the aisles and more time analyzing your data.

Press Play To Begin


Move Camera:

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(Click In The Bottom > Navigation): FIRST-PERSON


Look Around:

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A Complete Category Mapping Solution

Rather than relying on snapshot observations, we believe that nothing beats having first-hand knowledge of your stores. The Tegla Landscaper provides the means to determine the impact of competitor placement on your planograms and to actively audit placement guidelines to effectively communicate shelf set allocation.

Map The Retail Environment With Impact

Generate actionable decisions with the power to analyze your stores with augmented analytics.

Visualize Product Assortment

Explore the layout of your store aisles to review the final implementation of your planograms.

Analyze The Competitive Landscape

Assess the impact of your competitor’s retail coverage on your brand performance.

Accelerate Insights Generation

Collect results with the efficiency of immediate reporting to rapidly deploy impactful retail decisions.

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