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Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
Shopper Measurement, Marketing Research, Retail Research, Merchandising, Categorization, Shopper Marketing, Augmented Reality
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Based on the Tegla Tracker, the Tegla Cart was designed to collect continuous shopper data for real-time feedback.


The Tegla Cart empowers brands with insightful data by synthesizing behavior with shopper profiles.

Cart Benefits

Quick Deployment

Once fastened to a shopping cart, there is no other infrastructure setup.

Real-Time Feedback

Monitor data on the Tegla platform in real-time to make timely changes.

Big Data With Real Impact

Harness the confidence of large data sets for meaningful shopper insights.

Redefined Analytics

Connect shopper surveys and purchases to Tegla Cart data for in-depth analysis.

Adaptable Design

The Tegla Cart has been packed with the Tegla Tracker features. Shopper feedback and purchases are gathered through mobile surveys to segment Tegla Cart data. Tegla Carts can be ordered in the colors suitable to your store.

Download the Tegla Cart one-pager by clicking “Download .PDF”

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