Tegla Retail | Mapping Store Layouts
Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
Shopper Measurement, Marketing Research, Retail Research, Merchandising, Categorization, Shopper Marketing, Augmented Reality
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Applying The Tegla Tracker To Store Layout Optimization

The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. The Tegla Tracker delivers the data to optimize your stores:

Comparing Planned With Real Product Positioning

Using the landscaper capabilities on the Tegla Tracker, actual product positioning is mapped and located. Mapping is developed in 3-D to provide a real view of the store environment, and product identification is conducted to measure and enhance the behavioral effects of store layouts.


Dwell Time Boost

Measuring The Impact Of Product Placement On Behavior

Using precise mapping capabilities, the impact of actual product placement on shopper behavior can be determined. Mapping the precise location of your products can mean the difference between tracking interactions with competitor products and yours.

Tracking The Impact Of Display And Product Positioning

While placement of displays, endcaps and your products may seem intuitive, there can be differences on their impact on the behavior of your customers. Shifting endcap placement by just one aisle can have significant consequences on your bottom line.