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Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
Shopper Measurement, Marketing Research, Retail Research, Merchandising, Categorization, Shopper Marketing, Augmented Reality
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Applying The Tegla Tracker To Shopper Segmentation

The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. The Tegla Tracker delivers analytics to better understand your shoppers:

Explore Shopper Path Data Using Your Psychographics

As the Tegla Tracker collects shopper data individually, our analytics allows us to separate each group of shoppers by specific segments. Segmentation can be conducted through a variety of methods including separation by survey demographics and psychographic identification.


Shopper Opportunity Rate

Discover New Segments By Behavior

In addition to splitting data by survey segmentation, our path analytics provides a variety of means to separate each customer to explore new segments of consumers. Customers can be grouped by entry rates, conversion rates, dwell times, mobile usage, and a variety of other behavioral metrics.

Redesign And Rapid Test Your Strategies

Using segmentation data your team can explore new insights to redesign the in-store experience including the placement of products, displays and even the design of product packaging. After altering your strategies, our teams run re-tests to calculate impact and effectiveness.