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21 Aug Using 3-D Mapping To Effectively Communicate Retail Layouts

Store layouts are difficult to communicate from the field. While ordinary images can present parts of an aisle, they have difficulties showing the entire picture. This is when we developed the Tegla Landscaper, a 3-D imaging tool that develop an immersive portrayal of the retail...

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08 Feb Introducing The Tegla Cart, Redefining Shopper Measurement

We are proud to introduce our latest addition to Tegla Retail’s shopper measurement portfolio, the Tegla Cart. The Tegla Cart is a new system designed to collect large samples of data for powerful retail decisions. The Tegla Cart attaches to any standard shopping cart designed...

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08 Nov Turning Path Data Into Actionable Insights

Introduction Path illustration data serves an important role in understanding shopper behavior. Building on the understandings from the case study conducted in a pharmaceutical environment, we wanted to parse out the path illustration data to show just how important path data alone can be. Study Background As a...

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26 Sep Analyzing Pharmacy Store Purchasing Habits

Executive Summary At Tegla Retail, we provide an end-to-end data collection solution to track shopper journeys. To give an idea what data the Tegla Tracker tool can record and how that can be analyzed with the help of an exit survey, the Tegla Retail field team...

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09 Aug Applying A/B Testing To Brick-And-Mortar Environments

Lessons From Online Testing Methodologies By the time new promotions, layouts, or products enter a store, there is limited room left for optimization. Because performance data generally requires large sets of shoppers to make reasonable inferences, new concepts are generally difficult to test. This, however, does...

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25 Jul Shopper Measurement Beyond Traffic Counting

Tegla Retail was founded with the mission to introduce advanced shopper measurement tools to the digital age. Unlike most technologies used to gather shopper traffic data, the Tegla Tracker focuses on individual shopper journeys and behavior. This leads to more precise and useful information logging,...

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