Tegla Retail | Measuring Product And Mobile Interactions
Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
Shopper Measurement, Marketing Research, Retail Research, Merchandising, Categorization, Shopper Marketing, Augmented Reality, Omnichannel
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Tracking Product Interactions With The Tegla Tracker

The Tegla Tracker software leverages Augmented Reality to map brick-and-mortar retail environments and precisely track the position of shoppers. The Tegla Tracker provides insights into tracking product interactions:

Tracking Mobile Usage In Stores

With our ability to track mobile usage we provide insightful data into your customer’s omni-channel consumption. This data can provide the insights into exploring new mobile experiences to aid the shopper decision making process in stores.

Omnichannel Optimization

Tracking Interactions With Your Products

Each shopper is harnessed with additional mini HD cameras that allow us to track product interaction including grabbing, rotating, and placing products in shopping carts. Product interaction provides the insights to explore consumer decision making and the impact of product packaging information.

Tracking Observation Direction To Determine Attention

Using Tegla Tracker’s observation direction feature, the direction of the shopper’s posture is quantified to provide attention data as well as heatmaps. Combining the attention data with interaction tracking provides a complete picture of the shopper experience.