Tegla Retail | Shopper Tracking & Retail Analytics Solution | Tegla Retail
Tegla Retail develops the most advanced in-store shopper measurement tools, built to optimize and enhance the in-store shopper experience.
Shopper Measurement, Marketing Research, Retail Research, Merchandising, Categorization, Shopper Marketing, Augmented Reality
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How It Works


Map out target store with the Tegla Tracker device so that it can map products and orient itself in the store.


Shoppers complete their journeys harnessed with the Tegla Tracker, immediately processed and ready for analysis.


Mapping and tracking data is converted into actionable metrics to develop insightful strategies in retail.

Mapping 3-D Landscapes Of Your Aisles And Products

With the power of Augmented Reality, the Tegla Landscaper provides the ability for anyone to create 3-D maps of aisles. The Tegla Landscaper was built to provide an active communication channel between managers and the field team.

Tracking Shoppers From Cart To Purchase With Precision

Multiple sources of data points are collected from the Tegla Tracker, Exit Surveys, and Receipts. The Tegla Tracker outputs contain a multitude of unique path illustration and quantitative path analytics.

Delivering Metrics That Provide Actionable Insights

Measurement data is converted for review and analysis. We partner with your team and provide continuous support to ensure that we collect the data customized to your needs.